Initial Publication Date: June 26, 2019

Google Glass 1st vs 3rd person view

3D Block Diagrams in SketchUp

Paul Karabinos demos the use of SketchUp / Layout for strucutral geology

Google Maps Engine


Exams as a Learning Activity

Cinzia Cervato describes her exam protocol

Setting up a GigaPan, Through Google Glass

Ron Schott gives you a Google Glass-eye view!

Comparative GigaPan viewer demonstration using trace fossils in the Massanutten Sandstone

Callan Bentley's innovation from the Mid-Atlantic Geo-Image Collection (M.A.G.I.C.)

Google Earth for Teachers 1

Rich Treves introduces the use of Google Earth in geography class — also relevant to geoscience!

Google Earth Tour Builder How To

Rich Treves demos the new tool for building Google Earth Tours.