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EarthQuiz Tutorial
An introduction and demo for the EarthQuiz

Concept: Declan De Paor
Geological Design and Development: Steve Whitmeyer, Callan Bentley
Geotechnical Design, Programming: Mladen Dordevic, Brandon Fitzwater
Senior Curators: Cinzia Cervato, Chloe Constants, Carol Simpson, Rich Whittecar
Classroom Testing: Cinzia Cervato, Filis Coba

Decades of geoscience field trip reports bear witness to the importance of field-based learning experiences, but most instructors can take students to only a handful of field sites in person. EarthQuiz provides a virtual geologic experience for formal and informal lifelong learning. It challenges website visitors to answer multiple-choice geoscientific quiz questions and to estimate image locations. Activities emphasize exploration, adventure, and interpretation. EarthQuiz leverages Google Street View™, Photo Spheres, GigaPans, and Google Maps™ satellite view imagery to enable crowdsourced creation, Web-based delivery, and autoscoring of interactive geoscientific exercises. Viewers are challenged to identify and locate geologic features around the globe through a series of game-like questions.

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