Assessment and Pedagogy Resources

Ross Nehm presentation on I3U assessment from 2007 Workshop - Assessing Student Learning (PowerPoint 621kB Jul23 07)

These resources developed by other projects working with SERC may be helpful as you design you I3U.


Pedagogic Methods

  • Pedagogic Resource Library: What, why and how information about 20 methods for engaging students in learning (includes teaching with models).
  • Activity Review Criteria: A set of criteria for evaluating activities that can guide design.
  • Using Data in the Classroom: A collection of activities and a report with tips on teaching with data (including a discussion of teaching students to use analysis tools).

Assessment Tools

  • Assessment Tools: Written for geoscientists, this site describes a variety of different assessment tools with examples of their use in geoscience. We could make a customized version of this site with examples from our project.

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