Workshop Goals

Participants in this workshop will:
  1. obtain a better appreciation for the science of genomics and its role in undergraduate curricula
  2. understand principles, merits, and limitations of inquiry-based integrated instructional design
  3. learn how to apply inquiry-based integrated approaches to the development of new genomics curricula
  4. learn how to incorporate assessment strategies when designing new genomics curricula
  5. learn ways to include wet lab activities in a new genomics curricula
  6. learn useful bioinformatics resources and tools that can be incorporated in new genomics curricula
  7. learn how to identify potential interdisciplinary opportunities for teaching genomics (within or among institutions)
  8. establish collaborations with other colleges and universities to develop genomics curricula
  9. develop a sense of community of genomics educators among liberal arts colleges
  10. learn how to use the SERC website in developing genomics curricula
  11. be motivated to submit a proposal to develop, implement, and assess inquiry-based integrated genomics curricula