Bringing Big Science to Small Schools: Genomics Curriculum Development Workshop

July 22-July 25, 2007
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, New York

The goal of this initial 3-day workshop is to allow faculty to learn from several developers of highly successful genomics courses and educational activities from outside our consortium. Hopefully, the series of speakers, interactive discussions, and break-out sessions will inspire you to design a specific I3U at your home institution or in collaboration with other CGC institutions, and apply for funding through this initiative to support the development, implementation, and dissemination of your I3U.

This workshop is open to interested faculty members of the Columbia Genome Center Consortium (CGC), and we encourage applications from faculty members who have no prior experience in genomics teaching, as well as those who can bring some experience to the discussion.

All expenses (including travel & meals) will be paid for one faculty member from each college in the CGC consortium. We welcome other faculty members interested in participating in this Workshop, although their expenses cannot be covered by the Teagle Foundation.

Workshop Organizers

Lois Banta, Williams College
Lynn Caporale, Columbia University
Erica Crespi, Vassar College,
Cathy Manduca, Carleton College
Brian Morton, Barnard College
Ross Nehm, City College of New York
Susan Singer, Carleton College
Jodi Schwarz, Vassar College

Columbia Genome Center Consortium

Barnard College
Berea College
Carleton College
Davidson College
Harvey Mudd College
Haverford College
Kenyon College
Morehouse College
Smith College
St. Mary's College
Vassar College
Wellesley College
Whitman College
Williams College

This workshop is made possible by a Fresh Thinking grant awarded by the Teagle Foundation, Inc.

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