Teaching Genomics at Small Colleges

June 22-23, 2009

This workshop is the culmination of a 30-month project designed to develop and disseminate tools and knowledge centered on teaching genomics in the context of a liberal arts education and assessing undergraduate learning about genomics.

The goals of this final two-day workshop are to:

  1. identify and synthesize the overarching conclusions from this project
  2. assess the project/workshop approach used in this project
  3. plan and make substantial progress on writing the first publications arising from this project.

To this end, the workshop will allow I3U developers to share and discuss each I3U development and implementation experience, and to provide feedback through a peer-review process so each author can finalize his/her website pages.

This workshop is by invitation only. Before arriving, each participant should: 1) complete their I3U Activity Sheet (this links to a page showing all the I3U pages); 2) complete and print (or submit by email to Lois Banta) the reflection form (Microsoft Word 66kB Jun11 09) about your I3U development and implementation process; and 3) read and prepare comments on the I3U pages of the other members in his/her round-robin review group. The I3U descriptions under development can be accessed using the links provided next to each developer's name. By the end of the workshop, participants will be expected to have completed the final revisions to their I3U pages, which will be made live to the public after the workshop.

All expenses (including travel, accommodations, and meals) will be paid for participants.

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