"Big Science at Small Colleges" Curriculum Development Workshop

July 19-July 23, 2008

Workshop Overview

Workshop Participants

The goal of this 4-5 day workshop is to provide training and assistance for stipend recipients as they develop their I3U.

Instruction and hands-on experience with be provided with a variety of web-based computational resources in gene and protein sequence analysis, structural prediction, comparative microbial genomics, and phylogenetic tree estimation. Through interactive discussions and one-on-one sessions, we will brainstorm ways to incorporate the most appropriate genomics tools into each individual I3U.

There will be opportunities to consult with other faculty who have used these tools in the undergraduate classroom, to try out pilot pieces of the I3U with other participants and get feedback, and to work with experienced teachers who can help design wet-lab aspects of the I3U. Each stipend recipient will work with Ross Nehm, our assessment consultant, to develop an appropriate set of assessment tools for his/her I3U.

Guest speakers will focus on the use of PERL for DNA sequence analysis and on envisioning a model for open source community development of bioinformatics tools for large- scale genome analysis in an undergraduate setting. Participants are invited to stay into Wednesday, July 23 if they are interested in joining an extended conversation on these latter two topics, or may leave Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning if they prefer.

This workshop is by invitation only. Participants have already provided a description of their I3U, but before arriving each participant should complete the I3U Submission Form with as much information about their activity as they have. By the end of the workshop, participants will be expected to provide a short updated I3U plan, with progress made and items yet to be accomplished. Also, before they arrive (by July 15), participants should submit a list of any supplies they anticipate needing for wet-lab development so the materials can be organized.

All expenses (including travel, accommodations, and meals) will be paid for participants.

Workshop Organizers

Lois Banta, Williams College
Cathy Manduca, Carleton College
Susan Singer, Carleton College
Jodi Schwarz, Vassar College
Erica Crespi, Vassar College

Workshop information

Logistics and Travel Information
Workshop Registration
Workshop Program

Columbia Genome Center Consortium

Barnard College
Berea College
Carleton College
Davidson College
Harvey Mudd College
Haverford College
Kenyon College
Morehouse College
Smith College
St. Mary's College
Vassar College
Wellesley College
Whitman College
Williams College

This workshop is made possible by a Fresh Thinking grant awarded by the Teagle Foundation, Inc.

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