Ambassador Program

Social Networking

Check back here for information about how to connect with other Eyes in the Sky II participants through popular social networking sites.

Join the Eyes in the Sky II Facebook Group

If you're already on Facebook or have been looking for an excuse to join, consider using this forum as another way to keep in touch with colleagues from your summer workshop or to connect with teachers you didn't get a chance to meet. Share ideas, classroom materials, links, and articles. Collaborate on Ambassador Program events and learn about upcoming opportunities.

If you want to join this group, you have to be Facebook friends with Erin. So, if you're already on Facebook, log in and find her by typing "Erin Bardar" in the search box at the top of the page. Send her a Friend Request, and she'll add you to her friend list and the Eyes in the Sky II group. If you're a Facebook new-comer, just go to and follow the simple instructions for getting an account. Make sure you customize your privacy settings according to what makes you (and possibly your school administrators) comfortable. Once you have an account, follow the same instructions for adding Erin as a friend.

For now, this is a "Secret Group," which means that you should be able to see it on your own home page, but it is not visible to anyone who is not a member of the group and any posts you make to the group page will not show up in your public news feed. Secret groups cannot be found in searches, and non-members can't see anything about the group, including its name and membership list.