Initial Publication Date: October 16, 2018


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Catherine O'Reilly (Pi/PD) ( This site may be offline. )

Illinois State University
Department of Geography-Geology
Associate Professor

Catherine is the Lead PI on Project EDDIE Earth and Ecosystems. She will lead development of module structure rubric and revision of existing modules and assist with coordination of workshops and student learning gains as well as assist with coordination of module development and implementation for environmental and Earth sciences.

Cailin Huyck Orr (Co-Pi/PD)

SERC Carleton College
Assistant Director Program Management

Cailin is the project lead from SERC. She will work with the PI team on oveerall management of professional development program, workshop planning, and web publishing.

Thomas Meixner (Co-Pi/PD)

University of Arizona
Department of Hydrology and Water Resources

Tom will coordinate module development implantation for hydrology, assist with coordination of workshops and help assess student learning gains.

Dax Soule (Co-Pi/PD)

Queens College - CUNY
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Assistant Professor

Dax will coordinate module development and implementation for environment and Earth science topics. He will also assist with coordination of workshops and assessment of student learning gains. Working with an illustration he will also develop and assess statistical vignettes to accompany the modules.

Ellen Iverson

SERC Carleton College
Evaluation Director

Ellen is the project internal evaluator. She will lead community needs assessment, research on social network analyses, attitudinal change, relationship to engagement, and community building.

Rebekka Darner (Co-Pi/PD)

Illinois State University
Associate Professor

Rebekka is leading the project research effort. Working with partners, she will develop instrument to assess pedagogical orientation of faculty associated with the project.

Andrew Haveles

SERC Carleton College
Content specialist

Andrew is the project specialist from SERC working with the project. He will coordinate the public facing materials, professional development series and publishing of the developed modules, as well as participate in project management.

External Evaluator

Susan Eriksson

Susan Eriksson from Eriksson Assoc. will serve as the project external program evaluator.

Project Partners