Apply to Participate in the 2021 Project EDDIE-QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network

published Dec 3, 2020 1:30pm

Apply to Participate in the 2021 Project EDDIE-QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network

Teaching Scientific Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning with Data

Applications are due December 15th-Apply Now

Are you looking to teach scientific concepts using data exploration and open inquiry? Are you interested in teaching quantitative reasoning in your classroom? Project EDDIE is excited to offer a suite of newEDDIE Modulesthat span the disciplines of biology, geology, climatology, oceanography, and sustainability.

Apply now to join the Spring 2021Project EDDIE Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) with the support of QUBES.

This FMN will bring together instructors interested in implementing Project EDDIE teaching modules that address scientific concepts and quantitative reasoning using publicly available data. Project EDDIE modules address scientific topics spanning environmental disciplines with a flexible structure to fit all teaching situations.

Participants will focus on learning to adapt and implement one of the newly designed EDDIE modules in their undergraduate courses by participating in biweekly virtual sessions to collaborate with and support others in the network and receive mentoring. Participants will leave the FMN with experience using the modules available for implementation in multiple classroom settings, access to a network of peers, and an instructor story to share their experience about adapting and implementing an EDDIE module in their classroom. Note that the modules used in this FMN are being previewed for this FMN, meaning they are still undergoing a final review process. While they are not completely finalized, they have been piloted by their authors at least once and revised based on those experiences.

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