Monday Earth Education Forum: Mentoring for the Next Generation of Geoscientists


Caitlin Callahan, Grand Valley State University
Eva Kostyu, American Geophysical Union
Nicole LaDue, Northern Illinois University

For many of us, the pandemic has laid bare challenges all across academia, not the least of which is how we mentor and support our students. In this forum, our goal is to have frank conversations to reflect on what we have done for our students in the last 2+ years, what we have learned about the (in-)effectiveness of that work, and how to move forward. Our discussion will be centered on three broad themes:

  1. Forward-looking mentoring for undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, and junior faculty: lessons learned from the pandemic and how to implement these lessons back in our home departments
  2. Diversity, equity, and inclusivity: how to ensure our mentoring methods are conducive to attracting and retaining a diverse pool of geoscientists
  3. Assessment and accountability: measuring success in faculty/departments/universities mentoring efforts, and holding ourselves accountable for success or failure in improving equity

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