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Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

IRIS, operator of NSF's SAGE facility, is a world leader in advancing discovery, research, and education in seismology to understand our planet and to benefit society. IRIS operates global seismic networks, portable seismic instrumentation, and data access facilities and provides free educational resources for faculty and teachers, students, and the general public.

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IRIS staff will be available to talk to you about IRIS resources during the break between the morning and afternoon Rendezvous sessions on Wednesday 7/15 and Friday 7/17 (11-12 pm PT/12-1 pm MT/1-2 pm CT/2-3 pm ET).

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Sample undergraduate products and resources:

Anti-harassment/discrimination training module for undergraduates – includes revisions for virtual use

Animations on a variety of geoscience topics

Recent Earthquake Teachable Moments – Classroom (or virtual meeting) ready Powerpoints available with 24 hours of major earthquakes

Summer undergraduate internship program – will resume in summer 2021

Online seismology skill building course – currently underway but will be offered again

Overview of IRIS resources (PDF)

See the full range of IRIS EPO resources

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