Rendezvous 2019 End of Meeting Survey

Purpose: Please reflect on the Rendezvous experience and let us know what worked and what needs improvement. Your input is valuable to us as we plan future Rendezvous events. We would like you to enter your name below, but your responses to this survey will be kept confidential. This will improve our ability to evaluate the program by allowing us to link information about your Rendezvous experience to your responses to other evaluation instruments. The evaluators will remove any name in association with survey responses and will then share aggregated verbatim comments from all participants' responses with the Rendezvous convener(s). We may use direct quotes to illustrate important points in project reports, professional publications, or conference presentations, as described in the Rendezvous evaluation, but when individual quotes are used, any identifying information will be removed to protect anonymity.

Your Information

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Your Rendezvous Experience

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Program Format

The intent of the Rendezvous format was to offer a set of activities that would allow participants to create a customized experience where participants could synthesize and integrate their learning across these different types of activities.

Community of Practice

In which of the following ways do you interact with this community:
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ChallengesWhat barriers, if any, did you have to overcome in order to attend Rendezvous? (Choose as many as apply):


This was the fifth Rendezvous and we are eager for your feedback and suggestions for how to improve.



Teaching and learning about earth education is an endeavor undertaken by a wide variety of professionals in different fields. We would like to know from what fields of study Rendezvous participants are coming.