Adapting InTeGrate Modules to Online Courses

Monday 2:00pm Ritchie Hall: 366


Tara Holmberg, Northwestern Connecticut Community College
Using InTeGrate modules in multiple onground and hybrid courses since Spring 2016, gains in student achievement in objectives related to soils, agriculture, mining, climate change, among others have been measureable. Beginning in the fall of 2017, and continuing through spring and summer 2018, InTeGrate modules were added to purely online courses with the same goals and outcomes. The interactive and interdisciplinary nature of the InTeGrate modules bring richness to a course that should be available to students no matter what through which modality they are learning. Most InTeGrate activities were able to be incorporated smoothly with additional preplanning and targeted instructions. Other activities proved to be a bit more challenging to adapt; lessons from this experience will be shared. Student feedback on the modules and the results of assessments will also be shared as part of the session.

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