BLOSSM: STEM Education through Citizen Seismology

Wednesday 4:30pm-5:45pm Beren Auditorium
Poster Session Part of Wednesday Poster Session

Session Chairs

Jefferson Chang, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
Molly Yunker, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
Jacob I. Walter, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
The BLOSSM in Oklahoma program (Bridging Local Outreach & Seismic Signal Monitoring) aims to provide educational resources to public schools and free-choice learning environments, while supplementing the Oklahoma seismic monitoring network in areas of the state where coverage is sparse. BLOSSM is partnering with 100 sites across the state that will host mini-seismic stations (Raspberry Shake seismographs). During BLOSSM's pilot phase, we deployed 10 seismographs in museums, public libraries, public schools, and higher education institutions. Following these initial deployments, we are now organizing several professional development workshops for teachers in different regions of Oklahoma to deploy the rest of the 100 seismographs. Although classrooms and seismologists will use the data from this emerging technology to locate regional earthquakes, these mini-seismic stations will also be used to teach classical physics, engineering, science, and mathematics. There is great potential for students and teachers participating in BLOSSM to give back to the community, as they become increasingly engaged in local geoscience issues at the center of this citizen science and seismology project. As BLOSSM matures, we will introduce the SEEDS (Students and Educators Exploring Data in Seismology) project, which we envision to be a bilateral exchange of ideas between classrooms, where students and educators correspond regarding their shared regional, national, and international experiences. The correspondence between these "seismic pen pals" around the world will cultivate their scientific curiosity, expand their cultural horizons, and hopefully inspire the next generation of seismologists and engineers.