8:30 Introductions

- Review goals of participants (from pre-workshop survey)

- Introduction to the scope of the GEODE project

8:45 - EarthQuiz (Play here ( This site may be offline. ) )

9:15 - Tectonic plate reconstruction / Pangaea break-up (Download it here)

9:45 - Think-Pair-Share on how you might apply the tools explored so far

10:00 - BREAK

10:15 - Fold Analysis Challenge (Download it here)

10:45 - Grand Tour of Ocean Basins (Download it here)

11:15 Assign Homework

A. Application of all tools introduced (at least one as a stand alone addition to course curriculum)

B. Feedback on the four items introduced so far: Click here

C. Prep for Friday......

11:25 Road Check Thursday

11:30 Adjourn for the day


8:30 - Overview (Reviewing Road Check from Thursday)

8:45 - Brief overview of gigapixel imagery (pros/cons) and 3D photogrammetry

PowerPoint slideshow: Introduction to GigaPan based VFEs (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 128MB Jul16 18)

9:00 - Play with some VFE (Virtual Field Experience) links (Explore some here)

9:30 - Student-Response versions of gigapixel image viewer custom response GigaPan viewer, GIGAmacro viewer

Ryan Hollister's Columns of the Giants VFE for Science Friday

10:00 BREAK

10:15 - Breakout sessions:

  1. Gigapixel imagery capture (GigaPan Epic Pro robotic equipment)
  2. 3D photogrammetry (Agisoft Photoscan: download a month's free trial copy of the software)
    1. Sample photo set to load into Agisfot Photoscan: Sample photo set for Agisoft Photoscan (Zip Archive 245.8MB Jul20 18)
  3. Mining the GEODE site for curricular items

11:15 - Regroup for wrap-up; GEODE feedback form on today's topics: Again, click here to enter your feedback.

11:20 - Workshop evaluation

11:30 Adjourn