Logistics of sUAS/drones: Current laws, hardware, software, basic limitations

8:30 Introductions & Overview of Course Goals
9:00 Small Groups Assignment: Brainstorm typesof sUAS data
9:15 Small Groups Assignment: Report Out, Generate Master List
9:30 Overview of sUAS hardware
10:00 Small Groups Assignment: Brainstorm uses of sUAS data
10:15 Small Groups Assignment: Report Out, Generate Master List
10:30 Overview of sUAS software
11:00 Discussion of current laws related to sUAS use
11:20 Road Check Monday
11:30 Adjourn for the day


Challenges for a pilot-in-command (PIC): Waivers, safety, weather, batteries, survey design, data acquisition

8:30 Discussion of FAA Part 107 pilot licensing & waivers
9:30 Small Groups Assignment: Brainstorm safety issues & mitigation
9:50 Small Groups Assignment: Report Out
10:00 Discussion of survey design, data acquisition, & field logistics
11:00 Individual Assignment: Design a STEM experiment using sUAS by articulating a scientific objective, data type, survey design & acquisition, and logistical considerations. [Uploaded no later than Wednesday 8:30am]
11:20 Road Check Tuesday
11:30 Adjourn for the day


Testing hypotheses with STEM Applications/Case Studies: Photos/Video; creation of photomosaics/orthomosaics; structure-from-motion (SfM) 3D models; time-lapse

8:30 Individual Assignment: Voluntary Report Outs & Whole Group Feedback
9:30 Discussion of photomosaics/orthomosaics with case studies
10:00 Discussion of SfM (structure-from-motion 3D models) with case studies
10:30 Small Group Discussion followed by revisions on Individual Assignment
11:00 Additional case studies (time lapse, thermal, LiDAR, etc.)
11:15 Workshop evaluation
11:30 Adjourn