8:30 Introductions and overview

8:40 Activity - Making Meaning: Brainstorm the ingredients of a meaningful informal learning experience

9:10 Activity - Personal Learning: Explore how people learn with an appreciation for different backgrounds and perspectives

9:40 Break

9:50 Activity - Building a Common Vision: Identify our scientific blind spots

10:50 Activity - What's in a Word?: Identify jargon as a communications barrier

11:20 Homework assignment and road check survey

11:30 Adjourn for the day


8:30 Overview of the day

8:40 Activity - But Why?: Develop and practice elevator speeches for different audiences

9:40 Topic discussion - Social Media: Learn and share best practices in social media for science communication, and how to navigate contentious topics in social media and beyond

10:25 Break

10:35 Planning and discussion - Setting Goals: 1) Set personal goals: What you would like to try from this course, and what you would like to learn more about; 2) Set classroom goals: How you can incorporate science communication training into your curriculum

11:20 Workshop evaluation

11:30 Adjourn