Current and Future Evolution of the AGI/NAGT Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology

Wednesday 4:30pm-5:45pm Student Union: Ballroom B
Poster Session Part of Wednesday Session


Vince Cronin, Baylor University
The 11th edition of the AGI/NAGT Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology (LMPG) is now in print. Sales of the LMPG help support the work of NAGT and AGI. Superior graphics have always been a hallmark of the LMPG since its first edition in 1986. Dennis Tasa has supplied excellent artwork for every edition, with almost 200 new photos and about 180 new or revised graphics in the new edition. Dennis and I revised illustrations that have been difficult for people with color blindness to work with. We want the LMPG to be more accessible to all, including students with physical challenges or disabilities.

The LMPG is a product of the broader geoscience-education community, so I invite the geoscience community to contribute toward the positive evolution of this resource. We need to understand how you use (or would use) the LMPG in your introductory lab course. What lab topics should we add to the current list? Do you feel that any are obsolete? Which of the 96 lab activities are effective and which are not? What is your opinion about the length and scope of the introductory text in each chapter?

Many aspects of educational publishing are now digital, allowing access to expanded online content, potentially lowering cost, enhancing sustainability, and perhaps generating data useful to geoscience education researchers. What opportunities, challenges, and impediments do you foresee if we move part of the LMPG into an online resource? Whom might we unintentionally leave behind if we move ahead with this transformation? Please send your comments, ideas, and experiences related to the LMPG to

Teachers can now customize the LMPG, choosing which chapters to include. You can see an advance copy and request a review copy of the new LMPG at the Earth Educators' Rendezvous.