Drawing Diverse Students into your Class

Friday 1:45pm Weeks Geo: AB20
Oral Presentation


John McDaris, Carleton College
Cathy Manduca, Carleton College
Broadening the diversity of students learning about the Earth is of fundamental importance if society is to meet the resource and environmental challenges facing it. The perspectives of groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM disciplines are valuable in solving critical Earth-related issues. In addition, many employers that need geoscience expertise are expecting large shortfalls in qualified employees in the near future. A strong strategy for developing these new workers is to increase the participation of underrepresented minority students in courses and programs where they can learn the necessary skills and knowledge. This is hard, but people are doing it.

The Science Education Resource Center has been collaboratively developing tools and materials to help faculty attract new students to STEM programs of study for over a decade. These collaborations have resulted in suites of resources and exemplars that demonstrate successful models in a variety of contexts. There are many components that can be involved (such as demonstrating the relevance to students' lives, using active pedagogies, or developing a sense of community among students in a program). So the examples of how other educators and institutions have achieved success are particularly valuable for those engaged in broadening the geoscience pool. This talk will showcase examples of successful activities and strategies from across several projects involved in diversifying geoscience and STEM.

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