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Alums' Careers

We began the 2007 workshop on "The Role of Departments in Preparing Future Geoscience Professionals" by having the participants introduce themselves and name a career pursued by one of their former students. Participants were not allowed to repeat a career already mentioned by someone else. Here is the list of careers we generated.
  1. Geoscience professor
  2. Environmental consultant
  3. Peace Corps volunteer
  4. Environmental lawyer
  5. Petroleum industry
  6. Local oil and gas company
  7. Museum curator
  8. Land use planner
  9. Dentist
  10. Investment firm, writing mining reports
  11. Risk assessment for an insurance company
  12. Host of the PBS science show "Wired"
  13. International Water and Boundary Commission
  14. State geological survey, mapper
  15. Bartender
  16. NJ geological survey, studying coastal replenishment
  17. Mining industry (gold and diamonds)
  18. Quality Assurance specialist (checking field work)
  19. Politician
  20. Medical engineer
  21. Author of books on how to solve video games
  22. Web designer
  23. Civil engineer
  24. High school teacher
  25. Public health
  26. Blockbuster video, using mapping skills to coordinate truck runs
  27. Brewmaster
  28. "Top secret" work for the government
  29. US geological survey, modeling of dirty bombs
  30. Ski-lift operator
  31. Space scientist
  32. Bureaucrat
  33. Outward Bound co-ordinator
  34. Industrial contractor looking for unexploded ordnances
  35. Project engineer for state highway system
  36. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  37. Non-profit environmental organization
  38. Marine archeology
  39. Minister
  40. Science writer
  41. NSF publicity person
  42. Military officer
  43. Astronomy technician
  44. Audubon Society
  45. Higher education administration