Dynamic mapping

The following electronic resources provide examples of animated geovisualizations that might be of interest to our participants.

AIDS Data Animation Project (undated), Animations for Weekly AIS Mortality in the United States Jan 1981-1992. There are a number of animated maps that show attribute change over time.

Herzog, A. 2005. Dorling: Dorling's cartogram algorithm.
Another excellent interactive dynamic mapping is a java applet that implements Danny Dorling's algorithm in real time. Read the instructions and click the word 'Example' at the top of the page to run the cartogram algorithm. The algorithm uses java so your browser must be able to run java applets.

NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center. 2003. Comparison of El-NiƱo events: Java applet animates small multiples. This is an example of how time is used to show attribute change over time. If you compare this animation with the AIDS one, you will see that the transition from one time step to another is smoother.

Scotese, C. 2000. PaleoMap Project. Animation from million years ago to present. Explore the breakup of Pangea and also how the climatic belts of the Earth changed over time.

Treinish, L. 2001. Animations of Ozone in the Upper Atmosphere. MPEG format animation which will work in windows multimedia player. A voice-over describes the data, the technique and the results. (

Ware, C. Information on the Data Visualization Research Lab at the University of New Hampshire.

Exploratory Data Analysis

3D visualization


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