Initial Publication Date: April 15, 2011

Articles & Literature on Interdisciplinary Computation, Modeling, & Visualization

Biology and Math

Michael W. Deem (2007) "Mathematical Adventures in Biology", Physics Today, Jan. 2007, pp. 42-47.

Santiago Schnell, Ramon Grima, Philip K. Maini (2007). "Multiscale Modeling in Biology", American Scientist, Vol 95 (2).

Biology and Physics

Rob Phillips and Susan R. Quake (2006). "The Biological Frontier of Physics", Physics Today, May 2006, pp. 38-43.


ANIMATION: Inner Life of the Cell (2006). A Harvard University animation funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Conception and scientific content by Alain Viel and Robert A. Lue. Animation by John Liebler/XVIVO.

ANIMATION: Robert Bryanton (2006). Imagining the Tenth Dimension (click on picture to start the 11 minute animation).

The Challenges of Modeling

Cornelia Dean (2007). "The Problems in Modeling Nature, with its Unruly Natural Tendencies", New York Times Books on Science, Feb. 20, 2007.

Science & The Arts

Julie J. Rehmeyer (2007). "Fractal or Fake? 'Novel art-authentication method is challenged" (see article below also), Science News, Feb. 24, 2007.

Bella Dume (2005). "Physics Goes Abstract" (using multi-fractal analysis to distinguish between works of different artists), PhysicsWeb, Oct. 12, 2005.

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