CISMI & HHMI Grant Collaborators

CISMI works collaboratively with Carleton staff in a number of offices on campus in order to include staff perspectives in our work. Collaborations also support project assessment and dissemination and help to integrate student support services and fundraising with our efforts. Additionally, we also work with faculty and staff at several other institutions on projects connected to our HHMI grant.

Carleton College

Joe Baggot, Associate Dean of Students

Kathy Evertz, Director for the Academic Support Center

Jim Fergerson, Director of the Office of Institutional Research & Analysis. Project assessment and evaluation.

Mark Gleason, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Joy Kluttz, Director of Intercultural Life

Mitchell Madson, Associate Director of TRIO/SSS

Cathy Manduca, Ellen Iverson and John McDaris. Carleton's Science Education Resource Center (SERC). Project assessment, evaluation, faculty development, and dissemination. Support for the CISMI web site.

Christopher Tassava, Assistant Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Rietta Turner, Director of TRIO/SSS

Hudlin Wagner, Dean of Students

Prof. Louis Newman, Religion. Director of the Perlman Center for Learning & Teaching. Director of Faculty Development.

Prof. Deborah Appleman, Hollis l. Caswell Professor of Educational Studies; Chair of Educational Studies

External Collaborators

Prof. Robin Wright, Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, University of Minnesota.

Janet Carlson, Ph.D. Executive Director of Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, BSCS.

Mary Taylor Huber, Senior Scholar Emerita and Consulting Scholar, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Isiah M. Warner, Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives; Boyd Professor and Phillip W. West Professor of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor, Louisiana State University.

Paul Strykowski, Associate Dean, University of Minnesota.

Judith A. Ramaley, President and Professor of Biology, Winona State University