Workplace Climate Program

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About the Program

The ADVANCEGeo Workplace Climate Program aims to transform workplace climate in academic departments by creating and sustaining a shared vision for thriving research and training environments.

We will select two departments to participate in our workplace intervention program in the 2024-25 academic year. The desired outcomes for each department include:

  • strategies for intentionally reducing the prevalence of hostile climates through community engagement and responsibility
  • support for your department to create a thriving research and training environment
  • increased potential to recruit and retain diverse faculty

To make systemic change, we will work directly with your department to schedule training sessions and focus groups, and support work on policy and governance over the 2024-2025 academic year. Over the course of an academic year, five trainings will be held virtually (with one in-person visit) to provide training and reflection for department members. Each department will also work to develop or refine a corresponding set of departmental policy documents, as determined by department needs. In order to tailor our materials to the audience and needs in your department, we will also hold focused discussions with leadership in the department, as well as smaller groups representative of the demographics of the department.

Apply for the workplace climate program

Application Criteria & Process

To apply, please complete the application. Fill out information about your department, attach all necessary documents, and submit the application form by April 14th, 2024. The application must be submitted by the Department Chair or have a letter of support from the Department Chair to be considered for review. We will notify departments of their selection by Friday, May 31st, 2024.

Your department must meet the following criteria:

  • The Department Chair must apply or include a letter of support,
  • The Department must have a minimum of 10 faculty members and employ graduate students (this may include non-tenure track faculty, lecturers, etc)
  • Have confidence that at least 80% of the department will participate in the program.
  • Be willing to participate in climate scan focus groups at the beginning of the program to develop an action plan

We will collect a small amount of initial information about your department:

  • Number of faculty, staff, and graduate students, ideally with basic demographic information about your department
  • Your goals for participating in this program, including any specific areas of concern or interest that you would like to address
  • Information regarding initiatives or programs your department has implemented in the past to promote or improve workplace climate
  • Information regarding current policy documents and processes related to workplace behavior


This program will begin in Fall 2024 and take place over the 2024-25 academic year, with the exact timing of trainings and meetings coordinated between the ADVANCEGeo team and the department.

Spring 2024: Apply

  • Application deadline: April 14, 2024
  • Notification: by May 31, 2024

Summer 2024: Design

  • The ADVANCEGeo team works with department leaders to develop a training program and desired outcomes/policies for each department.

Fall 2024: Learn

  • Department members participate in training workshops, delivered by experienced ADVANCEGeo PIs and facilitators, as well as focus group meetings with trained assessors.

Winter & Spring 2025: Develop

  • Department members collaboratively develop at least two policy documents, with support from the ADVANCEGeo team.
  • The department participates in a concluding 'goal-setting' workshop to sustain your shared vision and goals. 

Fall 2025 & Beyond: Implement

  • Departments implement their follow-up plan, with support from the ADVANCEGeo leadership team as needed.

Trainings and Products

Session 1: Improving workplace climate: Establishing shared visions and goals

Session 2: Empowering individuals to become active bystanders

Session 3: Developing effective codes of conduct

Session 4: Biases in evaluation or safety in the field

Each department chooses one of the following workshops, depending on goals and needs.

Session 4a: Navigating implicit biases in evaluation activities

Session 4b: Preparing for safety in the field

Session 5: Sustaining shared vision and goals

Other Information

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at
  • In the 2024-25 Academic Year, the ADVANCEGeo Team will work individually with two departments. We aim to expand the effort beyond these departments in subsequent years.
  • There is no cost to the department in 2024-25 for participating in this effort, other than your time commitment. All meetings, trainings, facilitator stipends, and travel costs will be covered by funding from the National Science Foundation (ADVANCE Partnership: Empowering scientists to transform workplace climate through the ADVANCEGeo community-based intervention program, awards HRD - 2204305, 2203917, 2204022, 2204073, 2204361, 2204431).
  • Learn more about the ADVANCEGeo effort and PI team.

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