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ADVANCEGeo PI talks about why toxic labs are so pervasive in academia
Posted: Nov 5 2019
(Content warning) Graduate student's suicide at UW Madison is a devastating cautionary tale about abusive lab environments.
AGU awarded new grant to launch new Ethics and Equity Initiative
Posted: Jul 12 2019
The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has been awarded a three-year grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to launch The AGU Ethics and Equity Initiative. This initiative is designed to address sexual harassment and other related matters that affect gender discrimination through new educational resources and validated measurement tools. The initiative is being developed through a partnership with the National Center for Professional & Research Ethics (NCPRE) at the University of Illinois.
On Wisconsin Alumni Magazine #MeToo in Science
Posted: Jun 3 2019
Lead PI Erika Marin-Spiotta is interviewed about our work in the On Wisconsin Alumni Magazine.
AGU Launches New Ethics and Equity Center
Posted: Feb 18 2019
The AGU Ethics and Equity Center is a new hub for resources and tools to support all members of the Earth and space science community and encourage workplace excellence.
Ethics, Diversity, Inclusion, and Work-Climate Events at the AGU Fall Meeting
Posted: Oct 26 2018
Check out the ethics, diversity, inclusion, and work-climate events happening at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting in Washington, DC.
NSF announces new policy for reporting of harassment by grant recipients
Posted: Sep 21 2018
The new NSF policy states that institutions that receive NSF grants after October 21 must notify the agency of any finding related to sexual harassment and assault by principal investigators (PIs) or co-PIs. ADVANCEGeo PI Marin-Spiotta commented on the new policy.
ADVANCE co-PI Blair Schneider shares her perspective on Don't just stand there, do something
Posted: Sep 11 2018
ADVANCE co-PI Blair Schneider shares her perspective on 'Don't just stand there, do something' on GSA's Speaking of Geoscience blog
Pardee Session on Women Rising: Removing Barriers and Achieving Parity in the Geosciences
Posted: Sep 11 2018
The Geological Society of America will feature a series of events around a Pardee Session on Women Rising: Removing Barriers and Achieving Parity in the Geosciences at the Fall meeting in Indianapolis
Insight Into Diversity feature on sexual harassment
Posted: Aug 16 2018
Co-PI Blair Schneider and ADVANCEGeo project are featured in Insight Into Diversity Magazine (Reconstructing the STEM hierarchy, p. 38-41).
ADVANCEGeo in the NSF Earth Sciences Summer newsletter
Posted: Aug 3 2018
The National Science Foundation Division of Earth Sciences Summer 2018 newsletter included an announcement of our online community resources.
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