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KU press release on geoscience climate survey
Posted: Mar 15 2023

"The results validate our argument that you can't just throw all your resources toward recruitment, which is where the majority of previous diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives have focused," said Blair Schneider, Kansas Geological Survey science outreach manager and associate researcher.

Schneider is co-principal investigator on the National Science Foundation-funded ADVANCEGeo Partnership, which conducted the research. The ADVANCEGeo Partnership includes scientists from the KGS and seven other institutions for research focused on reducing hostile workplace climate barriers in the geosciences.

Nature Geoscience journal features our research
Posted: Mar 10 2023
Results from a recently published survey of geoscientists reveal that many are facing pervasive discrimination and hostile working conditions.
Historically excluded groups in ecology are undervalued and poorly treated
Posted: Mar 7 2023

Hostile workplaces undermine efforts to make the ecological sciences more inclusive and welcoming. A new study surveyed ecologists to provide a snapshot of workplace experiences. The bottom line is that identity matters. While workplace climates are positive overall, hostile and exclusionary behaviors still occur surprisingly often and disproportionately affect people who have been historically excluded from the field. The results were published this week in the journal "Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment."

Exclusionary behaviors reinforce historical biases and contribute to loss of talent in the earth sciences
Posted: Feb 23 2023

As the first and largest comprehensive workplace climate survey (>2000 completed surveys) of the earth and space scientists using validated tools, our paperpublished this week in the American Geophysical Union journal Earth's Future, provides some of the first quantitative evidence of the frequency and pervasiveness of a range of discriminatory behaviors in our field. We show disproportionate impacts of harassment, incivility, and negative identity-based language by gender - beyond the binary-, race and ethnicity, disability status, sexual orientation, and career stage, with early-career geoscientists reporting more negative environments than later career stages. 

Resources for building welcoming environments for (geo)scientists with disabilities
Posted: Dec 16 2022
ADVANCEGeo's resources were listed in a recent piece published in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment on "Breaking barriers for those with hidden disabilities" by Isabel Carrera Zamanillo.
ADVANCEGeo (past) co-PI Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe gives AGU Agency Lecture #AGU22
Posted: Dec 16 2022

One of the founding team members and past co-PI of ADVANCEGeo Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe was invited to give the Agency Lecture at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in Chicago.

ADVANCEGeo represented on interagency roundtable
Posted: Nov 7 2022
PI Marin-Spiotta and former PI Berhe were featured on an interagency roundtable on harassment in isolated scientific research environments.
Chapter on Harassment as scientific misconduct published
Posted: Oct 27 2022
Our team's chapter on Harassment as scientific misconduct has been published!
KGS scientist, partners receive NSF funding to expand program to reduce barriers in STEM occupations
Posted: Oct 25 2022

Press release from University of Kansas on our new award: A National Science Foundation grant will allow a researcher from the Kansas Geological Survey and her collaborators at seven other institutions to expand the reach of a program designed to reduce hostile workplace climate barriers that individuals face when entering STEM occupations...

Can the CHIPS Act Help Curb Harassment in Academia?
Posted: Oct 11 2022

PI Erika Marin-Spiotta is quoted in this article on the CHIPS Act and a provision that allocates .5 million to researching and preventing sexual and gender-based misconduct.

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