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Our work is based on a community model for intervention training for organizational leaders, faculty, staff, and students that identifies sexual and other types of harassment, bullying and discrimination as scientific misconduct and equips individuals, teams, and departments with skills to 1) recognize ways in which exclusionary and harmful behaviors manifest in different research and educational settings and how they are experienced by people of different gender, racial, ethnic and other identities, 2) implement direct and indirect behaviors to stop harmful behaviors, 3) produce, implement, and enforce ethical codes of conduct, and 4) educate themselves about resources to reduce the harm caused by harassment, bullying and other exclusionary behaviors that create hostile workplaces and contribute to low diversity in STEM fields. A main goal of ADVANCEGeo is to produce material that can be adapted to different training venues, including in-person and online, for departments, and for broader audiences at scientific conferences as well as different disciplines.

Workshop Session Topics

Request a Workshop »ADVANCEGeo now exclusively offers virtual workshops. We have developed modules on bullying, implicit bias, microaggressions, fieldwork environments and developing codes of conduct that can be adapted for different audiences. We can only accommodate in-person training events for special exceptions - please indicate if you would like to discuss this in your workshop submission.

ADVANCEGeo Bystander Intervention

This interactive session describes academic practices and institutional structures that allow for sexual harassment, bullying, and other hostile behaviors to persist, discusses initiatives to address harassment as research misconduct, and provides training in personal intervention strategies to protect and support targets of harassment. Learn more about workplace climate sessions »

Tackling Implicit Bias and Microaggressions in the Workplace

This training will inform the learner of how unconscious bias and microaggressions impact the workplace, interactions with our colleagues, and productivity. Learn more about implicit bias and microaggression sessions »

Developing Effective Codes of Conduct

This workshop will provide resources to develop a workplace code of conduct that is proactive, preventative and promotes cultural change in office, laboratory, and field settings. Learn more about code of conduct sessions »

Implicit Biases: Why we have them and how they impact STEM

This workshop will invite participants to engage in a confidential, respectful environment in which to learn about the concept of implicit biases and they ways in which those biases operate. Learn more about implicit bias impacts on STEM sessions »

Safety in The Field

This workshop will invite participants to engage in a confidential, respectful environment to learn about how safety in the field can change based on an individual's identity and experiences. This training will teach participants how to analyze safety through an intersectional framework to better prepare and support ourselves and our colleagues. The training will also provide resources and strategies to empower participants to be better prepared before, during, and after a fieldwork experience. Learn more about field safety sessions »

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