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Responding to this survey should take approximately 1 hour, and we predict that most of the requested information can be derived from existing materials. There is no save button for this form. However, you can submit your answers at any point, even if they are incomplete and they will be turned into a webpage that you will be able to edit and add to later on. The webpage will not be made public without permission.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave this page without clicking on the SUBMIT button. If you leave this page without submitting, your entries in the form will be lost and have to be recreated.

Responding to this survey will result in a direct, near-term benefit to your center: the information you provide will be used to create a public profile page for your center and to inform the development of a taxonomy of STEM centers. So far, center directors have commented that filling out this survey has been a useful exercise that supplements their existing documentation.

If you have questions about the project, please contact Kacy Redd ( We appreciate your participation, and look forward to working with you in the Network of STEM Education Centers.

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