Microsoft Powerpoint

Powerpoint is a standard program for putting together slideshows of images, animations, and text. The program has limited abilities in modifying images, but its strength lies in the ease of presentation.

To Order

Order directly from Microsoft or from many third-party software providers.


Retail: $229, Upgrade from previous version: $109

Platform Support

Powerpoint is available for Windows and Mac.

Data Formats

Powerpoint supports its own presentation, slideshow and template formats (.ppt, .pps, .pot) as well as .html files and a few third party file formats.

Integrating with other Tools

Data Analysis

Output Options


Powerpoint benefits from the general familiarity most users have with standard Microsoft products. Users of the other Microsoft Office (tm) applications will easily recognize the functions of most buttons in the toolbars and be able to start creating presentations in fairly short order.

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