Share Fair:
Ideas for incorporating public policy into our courses

Here are some of the items that were presented at the Share Fair.

Geoscience of Energy and Mineral Resources in a Societal Context (Acrobat (PDF) 746kB May1 06)
Erin Campbell-Stone, University of Wyoming
Geology and Public Policy in an Introductory-level Course on Volcanoes (PowerPoint 150kB May1 06)
Syllabus for volcanoes course (Microsoft Word 116kB May1 06)
LeeAnn Srogi, Department of Geology & Astronomy, West Chester University
EDGE: Experiential Discoveries in Geoscience Education: A Year of Integrated Field Geology, GIS training, and Earth Science for Alaska's Secondary Science and Math Teachers and their Students (PowerPoint 2.5MB May1 06)
Cathy Connor, University Alaska Southeast
Stages of Policy Discussion in GEOL 206, Oceans and Nations
Discussion worksheets for rivers, floods and fluvial processes (Microsoft Word 56kB May2 06)
Scott Rice-Snow, Dept. of Geology, Ball State University