Initial Publication Date: March 6, 2009

Poster Session

Using Content Mastery Activities as a Mechanism for Integrating Cognitive and Metacognitive Skills to Enhance the Learning of Earth System Science (Acrobat (PDF) 491kB Jan26 09)

by David C. Gosselin, Ronald J. Bonnstetter, and Sara Yendra, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Grading for the Laboratory Earth professional development series has evolved to a system that uses content mastery activities to document participant's ability to master course content. The goal is for the student to be intrinsically motivated to learn the material and reduce the use of grades as a motivator, which distracts from learning. We want everyone to acquire the required concept knowledge and understanding.

Improving Metacognitive Skills of 2nd Year Environmental Science Students: What to Measure (Acrobat (PDF) 4.6MB Jan26 09)

by Francis Jones, Sara Harris, and Douw Steyn, EOS-SEI

UBC's ENVR200 "Environmental Science I" has highly "metacognitive" Learning Goals. The poster summarizes current practice and considers possibilities for increasing the rigor of assessments related to specific aspects of metacognition.

Includes pointers to:
1) The UBC environmental sciences program

2) The UBC Earth and Ocean Sciences Science Education Initiative

Researching Threshold Concepts: Ways of Thinking and Practicing in Geoscience (PowerPoint 5.4MB Jan26 09)

by Helen King and Alison Stokes, University of Plymouth, UK

Describes a research project to investigate student 'sticking points' in learning in geoscience.

The Role of Self-Regulation in Developing Metacognition of the Nature of Science in 8th Grade Students (Acrobat (PDF) 200kB Nov7 08)

by Erin Peters, George Mason University

Over the past three years, I have been conducting quasi-experimental mixed methods study that compares the effect of Metacognitive Prompting Intervention-Science (MPI-S) on the content knowledge and nature of science knowledge of 8th grade students. This poster gives some detail about the conceptual framework, the logistical training model and the empirical outcomes of the study.

Testing the Critical Potential Role of Earth System Science Classes for STEM Success in Middle and High Schools: A New NSF MSP Effort (Acrobat (PDF) 4.4MB Jan26 09)

by William I. Rose, Jacqueline Huntoon, Bradley Baltensperger, and Kedmon Hungwe, Michigan Technological University

Description of new NSF-MSP project involving earth system science classes.

Just in Time Teaching in an Introductory Geology Course (Acrobat (PDF) 299kB Nov7 08)

by Jeanette Sablock
The poster concerns my use of the methods of Just in Time Teaching to encourage nonscience majors to learn at higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Novak, Gregor, 1999, Just-In-Time Teaching: Blending Active Learning with Web Technology

Web-Enabled Student Self-Assessment During and Outside Lecture (Acrobat (PDF) 2.6MB Jan26 09)

by Perry Samson, University of Michigan

This hands-on poster demonstrates two web applications being used at the University of Michigan for student response and homework that include a framework for embedding metacognitive training.