Review Groups

When reviewing each others' courses and activities, you might keep the following questions in mind:
  • Do the course components and activities fully address the stated goals?
  • Does the course/activity have a mechanism for engaging students and motivating their learning?
  • Does the course/activity allow students to build from what they know, practice using new skills and concepts, and reflect on the progress they are making?
  • Are there opportunities for timely feedback and improvement?
  • Does the assessment meaningfully address the goals?
In addition, be sensitive to the constraints faced by your colleagues - large class size, multiple sections, lack of lab - and think about ways to overcome the challenges presented therein. You may want to refer to this outline for activity design and the course design tutorial for additional guidelines and questions for thinking about courses and activities.

Group 1

Leah Joseph - To Teach is to Learn: Final Project in Environmental or Intro Geology
Mathieu Richaud - Natural Disasters and Earth Resources
Scott Johnston - Tapestry of Time: the Evolution of the North American Continent

Group 2

James Trexler - Hot spot Volcanism in Western North America
Mark Abolins - Volcanoes Around the Globe
Louis Bartek - Classification of Igneous Rocks and Geology 101 - Introductory Geology
Naomi Marks - no submission yet

Group 3

Gary Byerly - GEOL 1001 - Physical Geology (not live)
Amy Stinson - Analyzing Real-Time and Historical Wave and Sea Surface Data
Libby Prueher - Introductory Geology
Pier Bartow - Demonstrating P and S Waves with a Slinky

Group 4

Declan De Paor - Emergent Models in Google Earth
Mike Brudzinski - GLG 111 - The Dynamic Earth
Amber Harris - The Ocean Planet
Elizabeth Cassel

Group 5

Alexandra Davatzes - Evolutions and Extinctions
Robert Filson - Volcanic Histories
Qusheng Jin - The Evolving Earth

Group 6

Patricia Cashman - Cause of the Mogul Nevada Earthquake Swarm Spring 2008
Juan Lorenzo - Physical Geology
Tania Anders - Geology of National Parks
Whitney Trainor