Pre-Workshop Reading List

Overarching Themes

Jean Bahr and Catherine Skinner

Featured Speakers

E. Scott Bair - Science in the Courtroom - Using a Mock Trial of the 'A Civil Action' Case to Teach the Scientific Method
  • Mitchell, P., 1986, Contaminated Verdict: The American Lawyer, p.75-80.
  • Bair, E.S., 2000, Developing Analytical and Communication Skills in a Mock-Trial Course Based on the Famous Woburn, Massachusetts Case: Journal of Geoscience Education, v.48, p.450-455. Used by permission of the Journal of Geoscience Education, National Association of Geoscience Teachers.
Barry Boyer and Jill Singer - The Restoration of the Buffalo River: Some Practical Examples of Teaching and Research Through Local Partnerships
  • Singer, Jill, 1995, Restoration of Polluted Waterways: (Acrobat (PDF) 829kB May4 04) Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, v. 16:2, p.93-95. Used by permission of the Council for Undergraduate Research Quarterly.
Lynn Chyi - Trace Elements and Your Health
Gus Davis - Environment, Pathology, and Risk

Laura Gehrig - Bone Health and the Environment

Mickey Gunter - Asbestos Concerns in the 21st Century: The Libby, Montana Issue Yan Zheng - A Capstone Undergraduate Course Based on the Arsenic Problem in Bangladesh Groundwater