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GIS for Geoscientists part of Courses
A hands on lab course focused on using GIS as a tool for geoscience research.

GIS for Geoscientists I part of Courses
GIS for Geoscientists I is an introduction to GIS operations and analyses of vector data in a geoscience context and will prepare students for more advanced GIS courses (such as its follow-up course, GIS for ...

GIS 120 Introduction to Remote Sensing part of Courses
GISG 120 introduces students to the basics of remote sensing applications, characteristics of remote sensors, electromagnetic radiation and its interactions with remote sensing media, visual interpretation of ...

Hydrogeology part of Courses
Hydrogeology is the study of the interrelationship between Earth's hydrosphere and lithosphere, with specific interest in the effects of precipitation, infiltration, evaporation on the occurrence and character ...

Computer-aided Mapping and Analysis part of Courses
Computer-based Geographic Information Systems, digital maps, and data sources. The creation, interpretation, and analysis of digital maps from multiple data sources. Analysis of spatial information from sciences, ...

WX 365 Satellite and Radar Remote Sensing part of Courses
A practical introduction to meteorological interpretation of satellite and weather radar imagery. This course surveys the basic physics of electromagnetic (EM) radiation and shows how characteristics of the EM ...

Geographic Information Systems part of Courses
Course covers concepts, management, and presentation of digital data for spatial analysis, with particular emphases on environmental geology and resource management. Provides hands-on experience with GIS software.

Advanced GIS part of Courses

Introduction to Computer Mapping and GIS part of Courses
An introduction to the study and design of maps, primarily through the application of a specialized computer mapping software program known as GIS.

Surface Processes and Geomorphology part of Courses
This is a process-oriented geomorphology course with substantial "interactive lecture", lab, field, and GIS components. In addition to an emphasis on geomorphic processes and methods particular to their ...

Mobile GIS part of Courses
This course introduces students to concepts in Mobile GIS technology, GPS theory, and the integration of GPS and GIS data. Students will learn how to use hand-held GPS units, hand held personal computers, and ...

An introduction to GIS in Geosciences part of Courses
Applied geosciences using GIS

GIS and GPS Applications in Earth Sciences part of Courses
Theory and practice of geographic information system (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies and their applications to problems in earth sciences. Laboratories and field trips provide hands-on ...

GIS and Remote Sensing in the Geosciences part of Courses
A broad introduction to the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) within the geosciences. The relationships between geography, geology, and society will be pursued. Students will be exposed to both pertinent ...

Remote Sensing part of Courses
This course is designed to educate students in the fundamentals of the technology of remote sensing, which includes the concepts and foundations of remote sensing, the elements of remote sensing process such as ...

Hydrometeorology part of Courses
The main objective of this course is to familiarize the student with scientific issues related to local and global distribution of freshwater. Conceptualizations of the water balance/budget are developed using ...

Environmental Applications: Geographic Information Systems part of Courses
This course reviews the principles of cartography and geographic information systems (GIS)in the context of modeling. It is also a study of how GIS software is used to enhance the environmental analysis and ...

Remote Sensing and Imagery Analysis part of Courses
This is an introductory remote sensing and imagery analysis course.

Introduction to GIS part of Courses
This is an introduction to using ArcGIS software. Basic techniques are covered, as well as background information on cartography and geodesy.

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