Initial Publication Date: June 24, 2011

Seismic Duck 2.0

Author: Arch D. Robison
Cost: Freeware

Seismic Duck

Seismic Duck is a reflective seismology video game. It models modern oil exploration by seismic imaging. The user takes acoustic shots and sees the resulting seismogram. They use that information to pick where to drill. The reservoir is typically a sandstone anticline. The surface may be land or ocean. In training mode, the user can see the subsurface structure, water/oil/gas reservoir structure, and how waves propagate through it.

In game mode, the user can see only the seismogram. At some game levels, there are culture constraints on shot points. There is no inverse processing of the seismogram. The user has to interpret it using "old school" techniques. Sounds tricky, but even children figure it out eventually.

The simulation of P-waves is accurate enough to demonstrate some basic wave mechanics, and a few quirks of numerical modeling (e.g. numerical anisotropy).

System Requirements

The 2.0 version now runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.
Requires Pentium 4. Core-2 Duo or later recommended.
Needs at least 1024x768 pixel monitor. Works best on typical 21" on widescreen monitors.