Geodynamo Visualizations

Compiled by John McDaris of SERC.

These animations and images are examples of the current research into the generation of the Earth's magnetic field by action of a dynamo in the core of the planet.

The complete set of Visualization Collections is available.

Geodynamo (more info) This page from UC-Santa Cruz gives a description of the Earth's geomagnetic history, with several modeled images of the Earth's magnetic field. Included is a link to a PBS Nova animation of a magnetic storm.

Magnetic Reversal video ( This site may be offline. ) This mpeg video shows the output of a magnetic field model during which a magnetic reversal occurs. The model is superimposed on a stationary Earth to highlight the field changes that would be visible from the surface during such a reversal. The video is part of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center's Scientific Visualization Gallery.

Numerical dynamo models ( This site may be offline. ) This page from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology explains current research modeling geomagnetic processes, including magnetic reversals and secular variation. Includes three supporting figures.

Numerical Models of the Geodynamo (more info) This page from Peter Olson at Johns Hopkins University describes recent geomagnetic research. The page includes several illustrations and an animation of geomagnetic reversal.