Initial Publication Date: February 9, 2010

Deep Earth Topical Resources

These pages hold links to a variety of links to materials related to the topics that may be helpful in pulling together resources to make an activity. Many of these resources are drawn from the On the Cutting Edge and boader SERC websites. More pages and information will be added as presenters provide relevant references and resources related to their presentations.

  • Mantle Plumes Debate: This page highlights resources that illuminate the current state of research into the origin of hotspots (deep or shallow) as well as ways to use this ambiguity in teaching.
  • Yellowstone/Snake River Plain Hotspot: These resources highlight a particular hotspot of great interest and explores the state of knowledge about the hotspot and strategies for teaching about it.
  • Geodynamics: These resources speak to research and teaching related to convection (mantle and core) and plate tectonics.
  • Teaching Mineral Physics Across the Curriculum: This area of the Integrating Research and Education website has a wealth of materials on how the study of mineral physics is applicable and valuable across the traditional geology curriculum.

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