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Intro to Geomorphology: Mountains, Rivers, Deserts

Kathleen Nicoll

University of Utah
University with graduate programs, including doctoral programs


This is a course that is listed BOTH as a General Education Physical Science Class, and as an upper level course for majors and graduate students.

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Subject: Geoscience
Resource Type: Course Information:Goals/Syllabi
Special Interest: Complex Systems
Grade Level: College Lower (13-14)
Course Type: Entry Level:Earth System Science
Theme: Teach the Earth:Incorporating Societal Issues:Complex Systems
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Course Context:

This is an intro-level survey class with no prerequisites and will satisfy the General Education requirements of undergraduates. There are no labs or exercises required. There is a field trip with the class, and although it is required, only 60% of the students attend. The class is crosslisted as an upper-level Geography class that is suitable for advanced and graduate students. More than 80% of the enrollment are undergraduate students majoring in social science, humanities, fine arts, languages, or business.

Course Goals:

This course will address how various PROCESSES have affected the MATERIALS comprising the Earth's surface over various spatio-temporal SCALES, and those CYCLES that subsequently create and modify landforms.

Attitudinal Goals

I do care about these kinds of goals, and they certainly do play into my course. For example, I assign "break-out groups" that discuss some local controversial issues.... but at present I have to say that I don't have a scripted statement on how my courses affect attitudinal goals...

How course activities and course structure help students achieve these goals:

I do care about these kinds of goals, but at present I have to say that I don't have a scripted statement on this.


Exams, take-home, individual accomplishments as sussed by the students themselves.


Syllabus (Acrobat (PDF) 202kB May2 08)

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