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Earth Systems Science

Colleen Stapleton

Mercer Univers, College of Continuing and Professional Studies
University with graduate programs, primarily masters programs


Earth is studied in terms of how different physical and chemical systems interact with each other.

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This is an introductory course with prerequisites of at least one science lab course and pre-algebra. This course is not a prerequisite for other courses. It is required for Education majors who are concentrating in middle grades science. About 70% are education majors and the remaining students use this course for science general education requirements or as an elective. Lab is an integrated part of this course.

Course Goals:

Students should be able to use appropriate geologic data to evaluate how plate tectonic activity changes a given area of Earth's surface.

Students should be able to evaluate how differences in physical and chemical properties between land and ocean influence global wind patterns and ocean currents.

Students should be able to analyze an argument on global warming and critique whether the argument is supported by scientific data.


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