Biotechnology of Algae


Brooklyn College of CUNY
Public four-year institution, primarily undergraduate


This course will introduce students into the field of applied biology using algae systems. In this interdisciplinary course, students will learn about algae in general, cultivation of algae, products of algae, and applied work performed with algae.

Course Size:

Course Context:

This two hour lecture course is offered as an elective in the Department of Biology. Prerequisites for the course will be Molecular & Cell Biology and Comparative Physiology. In the future the course will have an optional lab.

Course Goals:

Through a sequence of well-established protocols students will learn how to evaluate a biological process and design an applied research project.

Skills Goals

1. Student writing: Students will be able to describe problems encountered in mass cultivation of algae.
2. Qualitative abilities: Students will be able to explain research concepts and put them into context of a specific topic pertaining to algae mass culture.
3. Data analysis: Students will be able to read and interpret data.
4. Critical thinking: Students will be able to synthesize previous information and evaluate the hypothesis used in a larger context.

How course activities and course structure help students achieve these goals:

Students will create a portfolio consisting of several parts that reflect the processes of scientific thinking and the scientific method in form of a applied project proposal.

Attitudinal Goals

Increase students excitement about applied biology.


Concept mapping.
Written reports with rubrics.


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