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This discussion thread arose from interest from participants at the (Re)Designing introductory geoscience labs to promote inquiry: February 20, 2013 webinar to discuss ideas for lab activity design (or revision). Please feel free to use this board to give your advice, get advice from others, or to ask or answer questions about this topic. The webinar event page provides further information and related resources on this subject as well:


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Jerry Harris has kindly made his lab manual available for sharing:

Hi All! -

Thanks for your interest in our lab manual! This is actually the
first semester we've been using it, and I've been using what I've
learned from the students to make changes for the second edition, which
we'll start using next Fall--that's the edition I'll send. Thus far in
the semester, we're up to lab #6, so the version I'll send has changes
through that lab, but not beyond it (yet). I will send the file via a
web-based service called WeTransfer--watch for an e-mail from them that
contains a link to download the file; if you don't see it within the
next half an hour or so, check your spam/junk mail folder in case it got
shunted there--the file is too big to attach to an e-mail.

Keep in mind that these labs are designed for non-geology majors,
and thus are somewhat watered down compared to what I would do in an
actual, physical geology lab for majors (which I will hopefully begin
doing next Fall!). (These labs are also shorter--2 hours long instead of
3.) Nevertheless, I'm very interested in ideas on how to improve them
(especially the structural geology lab!), and make them more
experiential/inquiry based!

Dr. Jerry D. Harris
Director of Paleontology
Dixie State College


Lab Manual 2nd Ed. from Jerry Harris (Acrobat (PDF) 16.5MB Feb20 13)


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Would you be willing to share your TA checklists or some kind of outline for them.


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