Knowledge Survey Questions - Oceanography

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 1

  • What is ENSO?
  • Describe the chronology of events leading to an El Nino event.
  • How is the Atlantic hurricane season effected by El Nino?
  • Is a planula a plant or animal?
  • What is the extent of the global tsunami warning/buoy system?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 2

  • Describe the effects on global climate if there were no isthmus connecting the America's.
  • How does the gulf stream current effect global climate?
  • Describe the role of krill in the Antarctic ecosystem.
  • How does a tsunami form?
  • What is post-glacial rebound?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 4

  • What is the role of limestone formation in climate change?
  • Describe the stability of ocean salinity over time.
  • What is the fate of the Great Lake shorelines in the near future?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 5

  • How could a tsunami warning system be improved to negate coastal fatalities?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 6

  • Synthesize the use of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in fossils preserved in marine sediments to changes in global climate over time.
  • Provided an image of global continent and ocean basin locations, interpret the surface and deep water currents and their effects on global climate.
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