Knowledge Survey Questions - Geophysics

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 1

  • What is the orientation of the di-polar vs. non di-polar field?
  • Describe the "snowball earth" hypothesis.
  • What is a wavelet?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 2

  • How does gravitational acceleration vary with latitude?
  • How does magnetic field strength vary with latitude?
  • How does mantle viscosity and lithospheric flexure differ?
  • How do you interpret a 2-component Zjiderveld diagram?
  • How are focal mechanism solutions derived?
  • How do campaign and continuous GPS surveys differ?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 3

  • Given seismic reflection and refraction profiles of the same section, how would they differ?
  • What is the application of GPR technology to environmental site assessment?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 4

  • How does the location of Earth's rotation axis vary over time?
  • What focal mechanism solution is most common along a divergent plate boundary?
  • How would you interpret the results of a GPS array with large error ellipses?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 5

  • Summarize the observed geoidal variations on Earth and the change in planetary shape observed in 1997. What are the future implications?
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