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ConcepTest: Drivers of Ocean Salinity Variations part of Pedagogy in Action:Library:ConcepTests:Examples
Imagine ocean circulation stopped suddenly, with half of the world's salts in the northern hemisphere and half in the southern hemisphere. Assuming no net difference between evaporation and precipitation ...

ConcepTest: Ocean Element Profiles - 1 part of Pedagogy in Action:Library:ConcepTests:Examples
Which element could have a depth profile in the ocean that looks like this? A. Oxygen, an element produced during photosynthesis B. Barium, an element required in trace amounts for micro-organisms C. Nitrogen, a ...

ConcepTest: Is Window Glass a Mineral? part of Examples
Window glass is composed of SiO2. Is window glass a mineral? a. Yes b. No

ConcepTest: Which is not a Mineral? part of Examples
Which of the following can not be classified as a mineral? a. salt b. ice c. diamond d. glass

ConcepTest: Oxide Identification part of Examples
Which of the following mineral formulas represents an oxide? a. FeS2 b. KAlSi3O8 c. Fe2O3 d. CaSO4 - 2H2O

ConcepTest: Rock Sample Observation part of Examples
Imagine that all minerals found in igneous rocks were the same color. What information would you no longer be able to infer from observing a rock sample? a. magma cooling rate b. composition c. texture

ConcepTest: Temperature and Depth of Rock Formation #1 part of Examples
The diagram below illustrates five potential combinations of temperature and depth that are characteristic of different rock types. Answer the question that follows using the diagram. Which letter is the best ...

ConcepTest: Temperature Change over Time in Rock Formation part of Examples
The graph below illustrates how the temperature changed with time for part of the rock cycle. Which of the following is best represented by the graph? a. sediment is lithified to form sedimentary rock b. ...

ConcepTest: Mantle Convection part of Examples
Which of the schematic diagrams below best represents mantle convection associated with plate tectonics? a. b. c. d. e.

ConcepTest: Linear Mountain Range part of Examples
In exploring a new planet, you discover a long, linear mountain range crossing a broad low-lying area that is interpreted to represent an ancient basin. Predict what type of plate tectonic feature this represents. ...

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