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ConcepTest: Relative Planet Ages part of Examples
How old are other planets in the Universe in comparison to the planets in our Solar System? a. Other planets are older than the planets in our Solar System. b. Other planets are younger than the planets in our ...

ConcepTest: Rock Ages part of Examples
Match the features in the relative time diagram below with the events described in the short sentences. Assume all rocks are sedimentary unless otherwise indicated. What is the best estimate of the age of F if A is ...

ConcepTest: Spreading Rate of Spreading Center part of Examples
Scientists collect rock samples of the oceanic crust from a location that is 10 km from a spreading center. (1 km = 1000 m; 1 m = 100 cm; 1 cm = 10 mm.) The sampled rocks were found to be 200,000 years old. What ...

ConcepTest: Oldest Rocks part of Examples
Carefully examine the relative positions of the lettered arrows on the timeline below and estimate the ages represented by each arrow. Identify which letter corresponds most closely to the age of the oldest known ...

ConcepTest: Oldest Rock Dating #2 part of Examples
The world's oldest known rock is approximately 4 billion (4,000 million) years old. What are the approximate relative percentages of parent (Uranium-235) and daughter (Lead-207) isotopes? The half-life of 235U ...

ConcepTest: Radioactive Decay part of Examples
If radioactive decay began with 400,000 parent atoms, how many would be left after 3 half lives? a. 200,000 b. 100,000 c. 50,000 d. 25,000

ConcepTest: Calculating Rock Age from Parent Radioactive Isotope part of Examples
A radioactive (parent) isotope of element X is discovered in different amounts in four rocks (A, B, C, D) of the same composition. Which rock has the oldest calculated age? a. 15% of element X remains in Rock A b. ...

ConcepTest: Isotopic Dating with Parent to Daughter Ratios part of Examples
The half-life of a radioactive isotope is 500 million years. Scientists testing a rock sample discover that the sample contains three times as many daughter isotopes as parent isotopes. What is the age of the rock? ...

ConcepTest: What percentage of parent isotopes remain? part of Examples
The half-life of a radioactive isotope is 1,000 million years. Scientists testing a rock sample discover that the ratio of parent and daughter isotopes indicates that the rock is 3,000 million years old. What ...

ConcepTest: Best Index Fossil part of Examples
Four outcrops of rock are examined in different locations of a state. The rock types and the fossils they contain are illustrated in the adjacent diagram. Which fossil would be the best choice to use as an index ...

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