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ConcepTest: Ocean Element Profiles - 1

Jenny Fisher, University of Wollongong Australia, jennyf AT uow DOT edu DOT au
Questions used in MARE200 Introduction to Oceanography (2nd year undergraduate).


Which element could have a depth profile in the ocean that looks like this?

A. Oxygen, an element produced during photosynthesis
B. Barium, an element required in trace amounts for micro-organisms
C. Nitrogen, a nutrient required by all phytoplankton

Student Responses:

If you would like to help acquire more Before and After statistics for this example, please contact the author.

No data yet. The correct response is C. This is a typical nutrient-type profile showing surface depletion and deep regeneration from remineralisation.

References and Notes:

Sarmiento, J.L. & N. Gruber (2006) Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamics. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 528 pp.