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ConcepTest: Glacial Retreat part of Examples
What happens during a glacial retreat? a. The glacier flows back to its origin. b. Less ice is supplied to the terminus of the glacier. c. The glacier ceases to flow.

ConcepTest: Glacial Equilibrium part of Examples
If a glacier is in equilibrium (accumulation = ablation), what occurs at the terminus? a. sediment is deposited b. the glacier erodes the underlying bedrock c. neither erosion nor deposition occurs

ConcepTest: Glacial Terminal Moraine Formation part of Examples
A glacial terminal moraine forms when: a. the climate is getting colder. b. the climate is getting warmer. c. the climate is stable.

ConcepTest: Global Temperature Change and Water Reservoirs part of Examples
If average global temperatures dropped 5 degrees C, which reservoir (source) of water would most likely experience the greatest percent volume change? a. Oceans b. Glaciers and ice sheets

ConcepTest: Stream Baseflow During Droughts part of Examples
What happens to the volume of water that passes from groundwater to streams during a prolonged drought? a. it increases b. it decreases c. no change

ConcepTest: Humid Climates and Water Transport to Streams part of Examples
In a humid climate (e.g., Georgia), which process contributes the greatest volume of water to streams? a. human activity b. overland flow c. groundwater discharge

ConcepTest: Ocean Salinity During an Ice Age part of Examples
One million years ago ice sheets covered much of the Earth's land surface during an ice age. How did this affect the salinity of the oceans? a. Oceans were saltier than today. b. Oceans were less salty than ...

ConcepTest: Effect of Ice Sheet on Sea Level part of Examples
During the last ice age there was a large ice sheet over much of Canada and the northern U.S. What was the effect on global sea levels? a. Sea level was higher b. Sea level was lower c. Sea level was the same as ...

ConcepTest: A Pebble in a Stream part of Examples
A pebble in a stream a.must be a sedimentary rock. b.must have formed in the stream. c.must be younger than the stream channel. d.may represent any type of rock.

ConcepTest: Temperature and Depth of Rock Formation #1 part of Examples
The diagram below illustrates five potential combinations of temperature and depth that are characteristic of different rock types. Answer the question that follows using the diagram. Which letter is the best ...

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