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Assessment of Service Learning Projects

Content compiled by Monica Bruckner and largely derived from discussions at the 2010 Service Learning Workshop

Assessing Student Performance:

Student assessment for service learning can be tricky, especially in large classes where it is not practical to monitor each student's efforts and contributions to the project. The cooperative learning pedagogic website provides strategies for assessment as well as advice and tips to help students work together in groups successfully. Several ideas gleaned from the workshop for assessing student participation and learning are listed below.

General Project Assessment:

In addition to assessing student performance, you may also want to determine the effectiveness of the overall project. One way to evaluate your project content is by its ability to meet state education requirements for Earth science, environmental science, or other applicable topic. You can also assess the project by its ability to meet the course goals, as defined within the course catalog or syllabus. Lastly, student evaluations or pre-post tests can be used to measure the impact of service learning in your course.

Other useful tips:

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