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Teaching Sedimentology in the Field

Field experiences are a critical part of a geoscience student's education and have long been one of the foundations of geoscience education. Below, you will find links to presentations, posters, and teaching activities presented by participants at several workshops that speak to a variety of ways they have taught sedimentology through field work.

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Sedimentary Geology in the Field

Designing a Sedimentology Course Around Field Projects With Realistic Scenarios (synopsis)
Bosiljka Glumac, Smith College
Teaching Activity | Teaching Sedimentary Geology 2006

Designing a sedimentary geology course around field-based class projects that yield publishable research (PowerPoint 2.5MB Aug12 06)
Jim Ebert, SUNY College at Oneonta
Teaching Activity | Teaching Sedimentary Geology 2006

Integration of Field and Laboratory Exercises into a One-Year Sed/Strat and Structure Course Leading to a Capstone Field Mapping Project (PowerPoint 11.2MB Aug16 10)
Larry Malinconico and David Sunderlin, Lafayette College
Teaching Geoscience in the Field 2010

Field-based exploration of sediments to introduce sedimentary rocks
Anne Egger, Stanford University
Using Field Observations and Experiences to Teach Geoscience 2004

Field Guides and Databases

The NAGT Field Trip Collection contains more than 50 field trips and examples. The examples in this collection share information about the design of the trips and their important characteristics in addition to providing easy access to field guides. In addition, you can find information for teaching in the field in these other collections:

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