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El Nino/La Nina Visualizations

Compiled by Jen Millner (more info) at Montana State University (more info)

Find models and animations about El Nino, including sea surface level and sea surface temperature anomalies.

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Idealized ENSO Simulation (more info) This animation shows the large-scale, wave-like motion that the tropical Pacific Ocean undergoes during a El-Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event.

El Nino Southern Oscillation Animation (more info) This animation shows the vertical displacement of thermocline depth over time as it correlates to sea surface height and temperature.

El Nino Theme Page (more info) These three visualizations compare the variations in convective circulation and thermocline depth during El Nino, La Nina and normal conditions.

Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies show La Nina, El Nino and Normal Conditions in the Pacific Ocean (more info) TAO sea surface temperature comparisons.

El Nino/La Nina, Prentice Hall (more info) The Flash animation outlines the steps leading to the formation of the El Nino and La Nina over a ten month time span. The strength of the animation is its ability to view changes between atmospheric pressure conditions and oceanic circulation in both the plan view and cross section. These changes are viewed through three scenarios: normal conditions, El Nino conditions, and La Nina conditions. The animation can be paused and replayed to stress important points.

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